ZerCor Basecoat: The basis for highest corrosion protection.
ZerCor Basecoats are highly reactive inorganic zinc aluminium flake basecoat. The coating reacts with the base metal to form an adhesive bonding. During the curing process the layer which is formed provides sacrificial protection to the substrate. The coating gets cured around 230 deg C which is lower than the coating systems available in the market.
The coatings are 100% free from Chrome and other 5 metals mentioned in the ROHS legislative. The basecoat can provide corrosion resistance from 240 hours to 1000 hours to the substrate. The coating can be combined with additional topcoats which further increase the corrosion protection of the system.
We have even developed a black basecoat which have surpassed the requirement for the black finish with high corrosion protection. The product provides suitable base for the substrate seeking high corrosion protection in black finish. General trend in the industry is to go for double layer of silver basecoat followed by a double layer black topcoat which not only increases the production cost but still silver touch points are always seen in the products.
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