The ZerCor Coating Systems is targeted to provide long term corrosion protection to metallic components due to their tendency to corrode when exposed in various environments. It sets new standards in the market and fulfils the ever-more complex demands of the automotive, electrical, building and aviation industries to the highest extension.
Our innovative ZerCorĀ® brand zinc based systems are environmentally friendly, harmless from a health point of view and at the same time resilient and durable.
ZerCorĀ® systems consist of a base-coat and topcoat. This makes them just as robust as they are varied. Here it is the basecoat that defines the corrosion protection quality properties of the system, while providing the cathodic protection. Topcoats compliment the properties of the basecoat. Influence the chemical or mechanical resilience of the whole system and thus permit a broad range of application. It is by the means of topcoat, that the properties are set which are required for the specific application.
The coatings have been developed to satisfy the stringent upcoming requirements of the metal industry. They include:-
  • Higher corrosion protection with reduced coating thickness.
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Chrome free coatings
  • Narrow and controllable coefficient of friction.
  • Removal of contact corrosion.
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The coatings have been developed to satisfy the stringent upcoming.
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