ZerCor Topcoats: For highest corrosion protection.
ZerCor Topcoats include a wide range of topcoats for optimum performance to the basecoats. They can also be combined with electroplated surfaces forming multifunctional coatings. The reason we call these coatings as multifunctional is the basecoat or the zinc plated surface provides sacrificial protection while the topcoat provides the barrier protection. Hence a dual protection mechanism comes into play providing a long lasting corrosion protection to the substrate.
Another benefit of the topcoats is it that lubricants can be added into the coating providing surfaces with constant friction values. They provide extra chemical resistance to the product.
Some of the ZerCor topcoats are UV resistant in addition to corrosion and chemical protection. Hence their use in Solar panels and Solar industry is justified.
All the ZerCor topcoats are Chrome free and comply the ROHS, WEEE legislative.
Product Features Application
ZerCor Topcoat Silver
  • Cr Free coating
  • Low curing temperature of 200°C
  • Very good performance in SST.
  • Chemical resistance to automotive fluids.
  • Suitable for Dip/Spin or spray Applications
  • Can be applied on zinc flake basecoat or electroplated topcoat.
ZerCor Topcoat Silver Lubricated
  • Same as  Silver Topcoat with a difference of additional lubricants into the coating.
  • Same as above.
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